The MHPS & RSPS Specialty Training is an extensive program approved by HHSC (Health and Human Services Commission). Upon finishing the course and successfully passing the knowledge assessment, students will earn their certification.   CHW training -Must be 16 years old. Training – Completion of an approved DSHS-certified 160-hour competency-based Community Health Worker training program. Experience – At least 1000 cumulative hours of community health worker services within the most recent three (3) years. 

Training Provided by TOR Mental Health & Recovery Services: 

Peer Specialist Training and Certification

Becoming a credentialed Peer Support Specialist

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission implemented a new peer support benefit for the state Medicaid Program and developed a Peer Specialist certification track for the state of Texas.  TOR Mental Health and Recovery Services is committed to training excellence and has adapted its training approach so that anyone who completes TOR Mental Health and Recovery Services peer specialist training will be eligible to apply for the state certification. Once certified, individuals will have the credential of Mental Health Peer Specialist (MHPS) or Recovery Support Peer Specialist (RSPS).

At this time TOR Mental Health and Recovery Services offers the following certification trainings:

  • Peer Specialist Supervisor Training

Other Traininga offered:

Training are provided by TOR Mental Health & Recovery Services.

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